Most Influential Teachers

Don Harney - Roosevelt High School - Seattle, WA Architecture teacher and three-time state champion football coach during my 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. "I don't want anybody in this class copyin' Frank Lloyd Wright! I want you to be creative - find your own direction!"

Edward Praczukowski - University of Washington Upon hearing my response to his question, "What do you want to do with your career in art?" which was, "I want to be a great magazine illustrator," he said, "Is that all?" It forced me to re-think my conception of art and set me off on what has been a lifelong odyssey of self-discovery through painting and architecture.

Thomas Bosworth - University of Washington Upon wryly viewing my elaborate balsa wood model of a museam of Anthropology, he suggested I set it on fire, throw it out the window and see if it would fly. Tom taught me the difference between a Frank Lloyd Wright based pastiche of organic architecture and a rigorous Ivy League sensibility with its roots in European Modernism and Eero Saarinen's explorations.

Tom Stifter - Harvard University In front of twenty of my classmates he said, "Your drawing got you into this school, but it's not going to get you out." This was a great lesson in architecture - although it may be drawn, it is still a constructed art.

George Anselvicius - Harvard University Harvard University Dean of the Graduate School of Design, who, upon hearing my response to his question, "And what are we trying to do here with this design challenge?" which was, "I'm trying to express myself," said, "If you wish to express yourself - go do it in your basement! Architecture is a public art!"

Jerry Soltan - Harvard University Jerry, who served his architecture apprenticeship in the Paris office of the legendary 20th century master LeCorbusier said to me, "You draw like an angel."